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Sexy women and guns

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"Me too :D"

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Shemale Samba Mania 45 - Scene 2

Shemale Samba Mania 45 - Scene 2

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Sexy women and guns

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Dogore 8 months ago
That's also from the New Testament Apocrypha (the books that didn't make it into the canon of scripture). I can't recall which one details this. It also names Mary's parents as Anna & Joachim.
Grojinn 8 months ago
"I cut you down"...
Yolrajas 8 months ago
"You believe out of FEAR" I believe because of logic and experience.
Shakalmaran 8 months ago
I was really talking about my local situation, not all the places in the world that I only visit but don't influence.
Mazugul 8 months ago
(True... and if those people are jerks, it's hard to get away from them!)
Arashihn 8 months ago
Actually we do.
Nikree 7 months ago
KC. I am in total agreement,
Arashiran 7 months ago
Indeed, Times have changed. Yes, Israel will be a light to the nations.
Kajizshura 7 months ago
Jesus would have preferred that Christians abide by the Great Commandment and the Golden Rule. Do that and big gov becomes superfluous. Grow up.
Mezikus 7 months ago
Yes, like the majority of Americans.
Gutaxe 7 months ago
Is our Calender based on mohammed?
Faukus 6 months ago
Like the highest and most content societies on the planet?
Nagul 6 months ago
No means testing.
Sexy women and guns

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