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"I thought the last ice age was 11,000 years ago."

" Emma said quietly. And I'll hold you down while they do it!" I had never been so mad at anyone in my life.

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Naked audrina patridge photo

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Tajinn 1 year ago
Plenty Of Fish
Nikojas 1 year ago
Or is it Luke that is quoting from Clement? The problem with using 1 Clement to defend a 1st century date for every NT document it shares a quote with is that Clement does not always name his sources. That means that when he appears to be quoting a canonical NT book, he may actually be quoting an earlier work from which it was redacted, and later books may be quoting him. If you want to give yourself a good brain teaser, go through 1 Clement and find all the quotes and themes Clement shares with Hebrews. Then see if you can prove whether Clement is quoting Hebrews or Hebrews is quoting Clement.
Voodoosida 1 year ago
Not if "homosexuality" is an identity.
Vuramar 1 year ago
My mother is my creator. And no thanks, your god likes killing children.
Ducage 1 year ago
References please. What's homophobic about allowing people to pursue counseling that enables them to choose their own direction in life?
Kagami 1 year ago
I see you conveniently didn?t post a single link referring to ?your explanation? of how it?s done.
Nasho 1 year ago
It is a 100% accurate view of atheism, despite your own desire to make it different. And when you meet GOD you'll have no choice, then as your choice has been sealed - even now by your constant hardening of your heart. But it's your choice. And each statement you made above gives the lie to your false belief that "believing isn't a willful choice." You have chosen to believe your atheist/pagan views and you'll face the consequences in hell.
Malat 1 year ago
Baking cakes - in school?!!?!
Gogar 1 year ago
These huge crowds of migrants from the Central America are not refugees: they are economic migrants. They have neither moral or legal rights to stay in the US. Should be immediately sent back home.
Tokree 1 year ago
Dude, the scientists are not replacing the theory of evolution.
Goltir 1 year ago
There is a tiny minority of law abiding citizens who are frequent victims of their barbarian neighbors. There must be some satisfaction in helping a few good people survive in a jungle of lawlessness and hate.
Fenrizil 11 months ago
Excellent idea :)
Kajishura 11 months ago
It makes no sense
Melrajas 11 months ago
I would not have went to Trudeau if you had not used Doug's birthright against him....I don't know the guy and I doubt you do so my opinion of the PC plan is based on a lack of wild spending and unknown spending. I know Doug is going to look at inefficiencies in the systems and he should be able to find lots of wasted dollars.
Akinozuru 11 months ago
Was it zombie Lincoln?
Dakus 10 months ago
and i will top this off with "hells princess", a notorious 19th centry man killer. [and woman ,and child killer, she killed anyone and everyone! miss belle
Mulkree 10 months ago
So you don't have to ask them then.
Vudot 10 months ago
The water into wine is the exception that SWALLOWS the rule.
Nelar 10 months ago
I did admit it. I know what I know and what I don't know, and I try very hard not to pretend to know things which I don't. Sometimes I state things more emphatically than I should (I'll make the same mistake tomorrow or even later today, so don't think I'm reformed or anything.) Sometimes it's for effect.
Shashura 10 months ago
I don?t claim my religious beliefs are infallible
Moogushura 9 months ago
So opposed that Trump won the election
Yozshuzshura 9 months ago
They definitely won't be getting a Christmas card!!!!
Taulrajas 9 months ago
I know. But there's science in the book nonetheless. Its truth.
Tygolabar 9 months ago
Christian Crusades, Inquisitions, witch trials. Power, control with a horrible human rights record. The Christian Church brought on the dark ages of Europe.
Akinokus 8 months ago
Well seeing you put it hat way? Yeah, so have I and she was a huge ass.
Faule 8 months ago
Thank goodness, nobody should have to bare that membership!
Dakora 8 months ago
That would be a good topic. Not just online but in the real world too.
Mazurn 8 months ago
Hows it about homosexuality?
Dutilar 8 months ago
You spend time labeling instead of citing.
Kajidal 8 months ago
It shows that mankind wasn't made special and independent.
Zugami 7 months ago
She who? Crazy eyes or the ladies of LS?

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