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Making husband a sex slave

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"Well you is just one miserable contrary"

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endowedlady Big Cock Shemale Smoking and Stroking till Cumshot pt 4

endowedlady Big Cock Shemale Smoking and Stroking till Cumshot pt 4

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If he did this after 2003 he was guilty; he'd raped her.

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Sashakar 1 year ago
There are multitudes of believers who are convinced, in the day of Judgment you will not escape!!!
Fezahn 1 year ago
we do not live by your point of view! It is you who is without!
Shakabei 1 year ago
Gay people have existed throughout history in societies where the only option presented is to be heterosexual.
Dout 1 year ago
As a Christian, I prefer a Constitutional Republic.
Ketilar 1 year ago
I was in bed by about 11:45 and my hangover is just about gone now!
Grolkree 1 year ago
Yes, the title says it plays by the rules, and as I stated I am addressing your claim, that it doesn't play by the rules, what rules? The Op doesn't really go over any rules.
Akibei 1 year ago
In my experience, those that are true believers and not just useful idiots are few and far between. If this rises to the level of violence, and things begin to go off the rails as you cite above, then I have every confidence that the world will see America bleeds red, white, and blue, and it will not end well for the aggressors.
Zolosida 1 year ago
Everything left of the Far RIght is not necessarily "communist"
Vora 1 year ago
If you don't understand the difference between "mother" and "executioner" you have some issues that need to be dealt with in therapy.
Gatilar 1 year ago
No, it is a consistent pattern.
Mazuzuru 1 year ago
Nowadays no doubt Islam. Once they were one worth other. Religion is worst poison known to man.
Arashijas 1 year ago
Sooooo... Wynne is catching up to the rest of us Ontario voters, who have given her the middle finger 3 weeks or 6 months or 1 year ago!
Gardazilkree 1 year ago
Ha, ha, ha, it took Trump three efforts to finally get it right!
Zukazahn 1 year ago
lol. I love how nonchalant that No True Scotsman fallacy was thrown in.
Kajijind 1 year ago
I will not bother to go back and extract a few quotes from your prior comments, but no one could mistake your view as anything but decidedly anti Muslim. And you know that.
Shaktitaur 11 months ago
Okay... let me retract. I'm not comparing Vonnegut to Beetle Bailey and Marmaduke. He is better than that.
Meztijas 11 months ago
The Greek word (parthenos) can
Kazraktilar 11 months ago
How do you know if you have described the world correctly if you never check it against evidence?
Dugul 11 months ago
More like the Picture of Dorian Gray: the projection of their own sin onto those who challenge them.
Gozuru 11 months ago
The so-called ?bible?holds any meaning religiots wish to read into it. in support of any nefarious project they happen to have in mind at the time.
Daidal 11 months ago
So you are pro choice. If you don't want any punishment, you are pro choice.
Bajin 11 months ago
I didn't inquire about any specific doctors, just a general inquiry to the licensing boards of all 50 states. While some did not respond, among those that did, none could tell me that any actions were taken against any licensed practitioner in their state regarding change therapy.
Fenrisida 10 months ago
If you haven't noticed, Trump apologizes for nothing. When he took the ad out, he truly believed the Central Park Five were the perps. And as for the Ellis Island Award, I guess it's not about Civil Rights. Rosa Parks got one, though.
Mooguzshura 10 months ago
Kataur 10 months ago
Conservatives never burned a cross on Obama's White House lawn, and even their relentless efforts to lynch him were largely figurative.
Gusida 10 months ago
Is there some kind of proscription prohibiting Christians from being police officers or soldiers?

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