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Legends of sexual demons

Legends of sexual demons
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"Every president bars the occasional reporter when they become too obnoxious and abuse their access, most of the time it is not a newsworthy event. The only reason it was for those two was the stink the Republicans made about it as another jab a Democratic president (which happened to be Obama at the time)."

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Legends of sexual demons
Legends of sexual demons

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Mir 7 months ago
It started well before then.
Akinogal 7 months ago
My block=ban ;)
Samugis 6 months ago
That is incorrect. Tariffs can be used to restrict trade - but that's not the only way to use them. In our case, they will be used to generate profit for the government - another historically well-established tradition. If you are an American, Pilgrim Lady, you should remember a certain episode known as Boston Tea Party.
Malasho 6 months ago
I like your last sentence.
Sakus 6 months ago
There is such a thing as too much coffee? in what universe?
Mauzuru 6 months ago
Consent is the biggest thing.
Gronris 5 months ago
I'm not a perfect house wife. I hate cleaning, I'm a decent cook, but I don't like doing that either because it might turn out to be shit, and there's dishes after to do... But I do my best. What I hate is people that are all "well I can do this, why can't you?" Maybe you don't have to deal with anxiety that makes even the smallest task seem overwhelming and impossible because you know it's just going to go back to the way it was in a few hours... I'm not at all a perfect adult, hell... I'm barely functioning most days, but my kids are clean (most of the time. He's six, he plays lol), they're clothes are washed, and they are fed. Yeah, there's toys everywhere, and people fling their shoes all over the house, but damnit... I'm trying.
Doramar 5 months ago
VJ where ya been? How?s the Chrysler collection?
Zulurg 5 months ago
Same way you know about this god.
Zologami 5 months ago
Thanks for your convoluted conclusion. What's wrong with a living wage law?
Legends of sexual demons

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