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I come through this bitch so heavy

I come through this bitch so heavy
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"I know many who were abused, and yes it does. I have seen it ."

But no I mean she was great when we first met" I was interrupted with an "I Bet" coughed under his breath, "thenthings went down hill. My husbands hands began fondling her little nubs her tiny arms wrapped around his neck as I rubbed my hand against my pussy softly.

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"But I'm not looking for Mr.

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I come through this bitch so heavy
I come through this bitch so heavy

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Nikorisar 11 months ago
It should be there for whomever need it.
Medal 11 months ago
So when it comes down to it, all your argument is "Mew, mew! It's a life!!" without any consideration or bearing as to what stage of development or level of maturity it is. You regard a blob of snot with the same level of importance as a bouncing toddler.
Vugar 11 months ago
Businesses have the right to discriminate. The right doesn't care if you kick them out of your restaurant, because the free market will correct it. The neighbors will hear of your ugly policy and not buy your product. It will have repercussions, in the free market. The left wants to use the SUPREME COURT to legislate that YOU HAVE TO SERVE everyone like you are a slave. There is only hypocrispy in the poor gilded mind of a person who believes that:
Grolabar 11 months ago
"Sadly, religious Faith is used to justify holding on to ideas that should have been abandoned long ago."
Mojin 11 months ago
You don't handle wives. They handle you.
Milkree 11 months ago
Ok but what if ancient cosmogony including Hebrew held that the universe itself sprang from primordial waters?
Mijas 10 months ago
A minority view only because there are compromisers who cannot understand the evidence against such a view.
Akinogis 10 months ago
Jr high/high school dances, OJ in the bronco, unlv runnin rebs, the fab five and the bulls run with mj
Tygoramar 10 months ago
ok heres my 2 cents first off that church based on the bible (now i dont believe the bible as the word of god just pointing this ironic fact out) that whole church is heading to hell (not by my belief but by theres) its very weird how many things these to the bible churches who attk the lgbt actually go against the bible this church is messed up
Kagalkis 10 months ago
Name one European country completely controlled by Muslims. I'll wait.
Tolkis 10 months ago
You'll wait until hell freezes over as I haven't a clue what you are blathering on about.
Malarisar 10 months ago
And, to give you credit, your enjoyment of civil rights is directly on the line as far as your marriage is concerned with theocrats: mine isn't.
Maukinos 10 months ago
Yes, although I do understand that if it made her uncomfortable she may have been uncomfortable speaking to him directly as well. [Although she could've just wrote him an email or something.]
Kazrajinn 9 months ago
No, it must be Rights. Human sacrifice violates the Right of the victim. Causing harm is a nonsensical standard, and could be held to mean hurt feelings, which NO ONE has a Right against! The term "second-class citizen" is meaningless.
Zuzshura 9 months ago
> Why would you or anyone believe in something for which there is no evidence for?
Modal 9 months ago
If you have 5 kids and you're relying on the eldest to help you raise them, you're doing it wrong, unless there are issues in the family (sick dad, etc.)
Tygoll 9 months ago
Again, so you claim. It can't prove.
Faell 9 months ago
All life is.
Neramar 9 months ago
That's small shet. No one said that doesn't happen. Genesis 1 speaks of this...according to their kind
Dalkree 9 months ago
I guess anyone who has been killed and been considered a "martyr".
JoJoshicage 9 months ago
Is it lazy to say: "Don't be wrathful." :-)
Kekora 8 months ago
Promising a balanced budget worked for Jean Chretien and Paul Martin and Stephen Harper. And they delivered.
Bataxe 8 months ago
We can?t argue with these brainwashed pedophiles. They molest children with the right hand and deny it with their left hand. They?re that disgusting.
Shakalrajas 8 months ago
So canine instinct is a designed trait specific to dogs but environment can corrupt instinct?
Nikorisar 8 months ago
That's because the majority of people in America are Christians. Just like the majority of inmates in American prisons are Christian.
Voran 8 months ago
Hence him being perfect. The only one who is perfect.
Kazitilar 7 months ago
Jews in diaspora did not get as much sun. ? Sometimes wonder if Africans in dispora, their offsprings may also have more faded skins, over time .? ?? ??
Tautaur 7 months ago
Not as bad as Ford. Horwath at least set the table for herself. Ford let Patrick Brown do all of that servant work for him. :)
I come through this bitch so heavy

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