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"Here are the results so far: Looks like a majority."

"FUCK ME!!. Rhea put some music on and poured out the drinks while Gabby and I collapsed on the sofa.

Eufrat And Simone

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Movie download sex mom

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Mukasa 1 year ago
Which is dumb. All she's doing is showing people that it's not all taking naps every day and going to the salon for hair and nails. She's not saying she doesn't want to be a mom.
JoJoshicage 1 year ago
Eh? What Machiavellian meme are you quoting? The GDP broke the 3% barrier which Obama failed to hurdle in the first six months under Trump. It is now over 4%. Peddling lies to prove a point is proving nothing.
Voodooshakar 1 year ago
I don?t mind getting bragged on, but when it somehow reaches my mom, i have to draw a line (another reason i hated small town life)
Kakinos 1 year ago
Hobby Lobby demonstrated companies can discriminate based on religion. If they were offering health insurance to customers, it would have been the same result.
Zubei 1 year ago
When exactly did his family illegally cross our border?
Arashitaur 1 year ago
I wrote this on another post but it seems appropriate here. The theory of evolution has nothing to do with a creator or God. It is the explanation for the diversity of life on earth. A god may or may not exist but it is not necessary to explain the diversity of life. As far as evolution is concerned God may exist but she is irrelevant as to the explanation for the diversity of life on earth.
Voodook 1 year ago
They ban because there is no logic on their side.
Faurisar 1 year ago
Is it cos the short girls make your dong look bigger?
Jugore 1 year ago
That's good, you know where you are. When I vote this week I'll try to remember that this is not America.
Tukus 1 year ago
Hypotheses do not equate to fact.
Kigajas 1 year ago
That is not what I was referring to
Dugal 1 year ago
Harvard had a secular foundation and trained both Christians and Unitarians for ordination. And your list is rather short.
Tygojora 1 year ago
No it is not unpopular with me... 6 sisters and 5 brothers.... if not for that I would not be so... "loved"...
Nejin 1 year ago
Lois as usual, you have no idea what is actually going on.
Tojajar 1 year ago
Funny...when I read your post, I'd just finished texting my daughter this: "The Universal energy is driven towards love and compassion...would that not be why we love our animal cousins?"
Grokree 1 year ago
Your original graphic stated:
Akinotaur 1 year ago
Was being slightly tongue in cheek. However, what God carried out, He carried out.
Gardalrajas 1 year ago
The average poor person in those countries can see a doctor when their sick too
Gardazilkree 1 year ago
OK, so maybe not tiny but clearly the minority. I haven't kept up with Dutch politics so much lately but it seems the last general election rebuffed efforts at turning the tide towards the right in Netherlands. Although, in terms of the political climate in Europe now I would not be surprised if the right is still alive and growing.
Meztijas 1 year ago
If you were to actually study religion and all religions especially the one you chose you would not be religious. Certainly not Catholic.
Shaktikinos 1 year ago
who are the "crusaders" anyway?
Nagal 1 year ago
Some people don't want to truth. You said it wasn't happening I sent you at least three videos and one article that says it is. A simple Google search would show you dozens of articles and dozens of videos that show it is. You might not care how this radical agenda is affecting the young but I do. I deal with a generation of lost individuals have no clue that their lost. We have kids committing suicide at ever higher rates because of the confusion they get from society as well as school. That concerns me maybe you're sanguine about that.
Nelkis 1 year ago
ok bro, knock their teeth out. lol

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