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"A wonderful summation of why any rational person would avoid such a stupid ideology."

"And your gift of trust means so much to me. She brought her hand across my face hard enough to make an audible sound, and causes stinging pain in my cheek. I was humiliated and scared, but that was just the beginning.

Married Co-worker Wanted To Have A Lil Fun After Work

Married Co-worker Wanted To Have A Lil Fun After Work

She ztrips her hand onto his waist and taking a deep breath she smelt him. So in spite of all that was going on, perhaps because of it, I had a tremendous need for some coffee this morning, so the first stop was the local coffee shop.

"Oh god baby daddy loves you, and mommy very much. What does Hermione like?" "You seemed to have that pretty well covered last night, Ron. Austin jumped up and caught it, since I wasn't paying attention, and threw it back to me.

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Tazahn 1 year ago
5 billion bibles sold, but how many actually read?
Aragrel 1 year ago
I have read the O.T. in the KJV. The talking donkeys and snakes, the magic - all point to a work of fiction, I'm afraid.
Brak 1 year ago
The problem with most religions is they promote disrespect for other religions as i see it.
Kezil 1 year ago
Divorce automatically disqualified one from a Nobel
Meztilkis 1 year ago
Just because someone opens a pregnancy help crisis center doesn't mean they are a medical center, they aren't required to post because they don't offer medical advice.
Vijinn 1 year ago
Um, I'm not sure where you're getting your legal information, but you're wrong.
Akigore 1 year ago
Why wasn't it the Democrats trying to protect the American jobs from the foreign workers?
Samugis 1 year ago
No it's not. You guys have had a very long time to provide proof for that nonsense story
Dugor 1 year ago
Every once in a while, it seems so.
Donris 1 year ago
More cheerleading for the Ford family.
Negul 1 year ago
A good reason to get out of bed...
Mikajind 1 year ago
While supplies last!
Duhn 1 year ago
But the Bible doesn't welcome questions, especially smart ones where people took the time to think about it.
Dilar 1 year ago
His business, his money, his right to do with it as he pleases.
Sagal 1 year ago
Could totally be possible.
Nikosho 1 year ago
What's so wrong with following the laws of society?
Shajas 1 year ago
Any student of scripture knows that the presentation of Romans 13 v 1-2 to support the above argument is a perversion of the truth, and the argument itself is fallacious. Daniel and his companions respected the authority of Nebuchadnezzar, right up to the point where he ordered them to fall down and worship his golden image, whereupon they were compelled to refuse and trust themselves to the faithfulness of God. We have this principle affirmed in the New Testament: "God must be obeyed rather than men" (Acts 5 v 29). God had allowed Israel to be delivered up to the authority of Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonian captivity - the Babylonian king's authority was as right as that of the Supreme Court of the USA. However, this didn't mean that God expected those faithful to Him in Babylon to bow down to images, any more than He expects those in today's United States to condone iniquity.
Zulkisida 1 year ago
I am with you here. I'm kind of in shock over the fact that anyone is actually defending that type of stuff.
Akinolkree 1 year ago
California 'Kill the Gays' ballot blocked
Gujora 1 year ago
You're the one making comparisons. I made a mostly true joke and provided evidence to support it.
Mikree 11 months ago
Yes I agree but he IMV became Messiah to the Gentiles and then became a god......But they say he is coming back. I have read somewhere that there are supposed to be two Messiahs.( Some Jewish writings? ) Can you explain ? ?? ?? ??
Daihn 11 months ago
The reality, Gilette, is that you've posed us all with a ridiculous false dichotomy, and it is you, not us, who is in the awkward position. You're afraid of big bad Islam and big bad government, and want us to conform in order to rid you of the fears in your head. No deal.
Girl in black stockings strips

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