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Nude girls in vijayawada

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Daidal 1 year ago
There's nothing there for me to argue with. I accept that it is true that people believe as you describe that you do. Or at least that they say they do, and probably believe what they say.
Tesida 1 year ago
Its the void that allows the atheist to slaughter without a, least during the holocaust and genocide.
Daimuro 1 year ago
yes, that doesnt answer to the crown.
Meztibar 1 year ago
Offence is never given, always taken.
Dokazahn 1 year ago
Reverence and irreverence are 100% compatible. As a matter of fact, reverence without a good dose of irreverence risks being so self-important as to be intolerable.
Yozshusida 1 year ago
Gonna cut the defense budget?
Doulrajas 1 year ago
The first question should be "What do you know about the Islamic Doctrine", and where you got your information from.
Mejora 1 year ago
The FBI states MS-13 is dangerous.
JoJolrajas 1 year ago
Sounds like an extremely unrighteous standard of judgement you are using there. More like a mid evil prosecutor. You just present a string of accusations without mentioning anything redeeming at all? Of course through history since like everybody was religious, going back at least 60K years or so, including your own ancestors, your logic condemns like all the people of history as despicable, including your own ancestors. Its people that do nasty stuff, immature people, not man made tools like religion or science. We do not blame science as a whole because it has been used to make insidious weapons of mass destruction, including biological weapons and the like, we do not blame science for causing the body count in our wars to escalate to insane proportions or any number of other examples where science was used to kill. But by your reasoning we should.
Marn 1 year ago
LMFAO. You have no reading skills now do you? I have already posted numerous comments that back up what I say. Of course, YOU got to play the justification defense for your bigoted Christian beliefs. Typical of Conservative Christians.
Keran 1 year ago
hardness of your heart and the love of your sins, you have rejected your only hope.
Nijar 1 year ago
I usually just go commando at home. If panties are serving you right, then panties it shall be. ;)
Akinokinos 1 year ago
Well, I do agree with your first point. There were SOME Jews but not the number as described in the OT.
Arashigore 1 year ago
To keep the thread on course, to summarize, your assertion might be, for you, that immediate practical necessity and personal striving are what you see as all-important in your experience and perception of what life is about?
Vusida 1 year ago
Do male comics say it on cable TV?
Fenrijinn 1 year ago
I had to flag that one myself. You should use /s tags if you're not trying to be amazingly offensive.
Mot 11 months ago
My Liberal "pro-life" neighbours are going to be shocked to find out that they are aren't allowed to be "pro-life"
Voodootilar 11 months ago
that doesnt surprise me at all. its what they do. thats why id like to see them not do what i expect.
Zulkitilar 11 months ago
That was one of the most well-stated father's rights arguments I've ever seen, and that's including my own!
Kagat 11 months ago
And they ignore that women in their league get rejected too.
Gardakazahn 11 months ago
The convenience of not being able to read God's mind.
Dilabar 10 months ago
Sure legal assisted , but there are many dangerous loopholes
Akigore 10 months ago
They are not Muhammads's words and deeds. These are the words of men written to get other men to follow them blindly, just like everything in the Bible and every other holy book. It doesn't matter who wrote it, it's why the wrote it that matters. All theology is brainwashing.
Kigagor 10 months ago
Don't trust a stripper you met yesterday with your future.

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