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Dog infected anal gland

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"I saw it in an article a few years ago (don't ask where because I won't remember, off-hand) and it spoke about the need to avoid gaining or applying a fortress mentality. Probably was speaking about the dangers of fundamentalist attitudes."

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Dog infected anal gland

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Mokasa 1 year ago
True. Just making sure you knew
Gosar 1 year ago
That's just ego identification - all kids have it in various ways. If it weren't in religion it would be something else, eg. "I'm cooler", "I'm smarter", "I'm prettier" - a stage of ego development, well known to developmental psychologists. It intensifies around 14-15 to a new level too.
Nern 1 year ago
Can you imagine if a white person said that about blacks? You would think that white people do not get false calls... Maybe he should look up "being Swatted".
Shakataur 1 year ago
Discrimination based on an inherent difference.
Vozragore 1 year ago
He did what he could and much respect to him and others who came after him for trying. The reality is that us humans are insanely behind the curve when it comes to how we have evolved. One thing is true though. It will not end well for the worst of us.
Fenrinos 1 year ago
If God did that, i.e., pick and choose, and I am NOT saying that He does, it would be His prerogative to do so if He chose. God has both the ability and authority to forgive the sin(s) of anyone at any time based upon His own will. Face it -- it is God's party, and He can run it anyway He wishes. The one thing that I would suggest that God cannot do, is to be false to Himself or to anyone else. His very nature is absolute perfection, so any defect in that perfection is impossible. That includes self-contradiction. God cannot be self-contradictory or illogical, or "wrong."
Groll 1 year ago
Often Christians try to claim that their religion DOES exempt them from secular laws.
Brazshura 1 year ago
Stating simple and complete nonsense. I don't believe even YOU believe that pile of garbage you spouted. You were probably smirking while typing it.
Kajit 1 year ago
Why Johan ABRAHAM?.....if you are GENTILE ?....ever done a family trace. DNA...... You could look Spanish ? ( Your fuzzy Picture)... On the firms above in you post I am answering, I am in but, from of your others, not so sure. Not that I am anti, but your wording seems a bit over the top. ?? ?? ??
Shalabar 1 year ago
"Just landed - a long trip, but everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office. There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea."
Vudotaur 1 year ago
Nope, that's not a fact. Who was jailed for declaring the Earth is round, pray tell?
Kigaktilar 1 year ago
Just as an aside, this whole thread makes it pretty clear that we haven't figured out homosexual marriage yet. :-)

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