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"Sadly, I'm a bit out of the loop, being a bit too distracted by the necessity of paying off student loans to engage in as much research as I'd like. Thanks for the Rodriguez essay! From what I can tell, the criticisms in this volume seem to fall along the same lines as the usual criticisms of Meier; that is, they're aimed at the primary criteria, but the only targets they actually hit are Q and scholars who misuse the criteria in an attempt to solidify more material as "core.""

" I giggled as he slowly moved, and sat on the bed watching his daughter, and wife fondling each other. " She gave a strangled cry and began to struggle.

Delia wrapped a towel around her hair and reached up to the shelf to get her lotion.

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Anal dripping cum fart
Anal dripping cum fart
Anal dripping cum fart

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Tygozshura 1 year ago
I agree that doesn't preclude a Creator. I hoped I'd made that clear in my OP.
Moogujin 1 year ago
Thank you, Oh Yeah, for your thoughts on my OP. I must say that your insight into the christian experience is right on, for the record, however, I disagree that christians replace their own consciousness with that of Jesus. I believe that He can only influence a person to whatever degree they allow and unfortunately, too many christians, do not represent Him well. I believe that we are all on a faith journey and I am not the person I was just a few yrs ago. Thank you for your contribution to the conversation. ???????
Dagis 1 year ago
Yes, everything's projection, from Dr. Freud here.
Vilar 1 year ago
..Go Doug, Go............! Give the MAN a try, but who ever (whatever?) becomes PM of Ontario, they should seriously look at the sky-high electricity rates in this province! They should ask Quebec Hydro for lower prices for Ontario to purchase, as Quebec will sell its "surplus" electricity at a reduced price!
Mirg 1 year ago
I'm talking about a path to citizenship perhaps, if they want it, rather than deporting millions of people.
Dousho 1 year ago
Newton learned Hebrew to read the original text.
Doura 1 year ago
Hope you Libs love the taste of carpet, 'cause you'll be chomping on it until at least 2025.
Ner 1 year ago
canoe? with or without a paddle?
Bramuro 1 year ago
Yawwwwwnnnn!!! Goooood Morrrrning Stinkers and Stinkerettes!!!
Taulkree 1 year ago
You are correct there are idiots on both sides none of which can take the time to make sure there are sending their message to the correct location. The majority of Americans are in the middle not on the right or the left.
Mirg 1 year ago
You are making the same ignorant arguments that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission made, if you want to understand the decision you may want to read it.
Shakasida 1 year ago
Jesus never sent His disciples to prove anything. He sent them to witness to them. Plus you cannot prove anything to anyone if they refuse to believe anything they say. Another thing, if you want water I bet you will look for water and will not stop looking until you found it. If you want food and there none in your home. I bet you will look for food and will not stop until you found it. The same for a good job and so on. Things that you want you will search and look until you found them if you really want them. Your attitude tell me you are not seeking God and you are not interested because if you were you would have found Him by now. Because the bible says seek or look and you will find. Find what? God and the Truth. For God the Father so love us that He gave His only Son that whosoever believe or accept Jesus Christ will have everlasting life.
Akik 1 year ago
I dont see why we need to be starting at and admiring another person. My husband hasn't got a jealous bone in his body, but I don't do it anyway because to me its not respectful or loving. Also if a person is deliberately seeking attention(and you can usually tell) I wont give them the satisfaction of looking because I cant stand arrogance.
Grogul 1 year ago
Wait....there's the solution! Initiate a documentation check at every point of purchase for every item sold here: food, gasoline, household goods, etc....A variation of "No tickee, no payee". Donnie can order a Yuge fleet of ICE vans and cattle trucks to have within 1/2 mile of every business and pay for it with savings from the Yuge damages the "illegals" have wrought on us.
Dall 1 year ago
yeah, like that
Yokinos 11 months ago
Ah! A sentence!
Samushicage 11 months ago
You are full of crap.
Kazim 11 months ago
>>"Christians aren't bound by the old testament."<<

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