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100 christmas gift teen top

100 christmas gift teen top
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"Yes it is, when it comes to religion that is only based on faith."

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Chinese boss fucks his secretary in the office 中國老闆亂搞他的秘書在辦公室

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100 christmas gift teen top
100 christmas gift teen top
100 christmas gift teen top

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Shazahn 1 year ago
Sure I can... I'll go home, cook something that will make smoke and voila! it'll go off.
Kishura 1 year ago
No it isn't, it is biased and the reasons are explained already. Also there is zero reason to change the channel title as the topic is religion and not its members.
Gakinos 11 months ago
Are you pretending they don't claim it's incorrect, and are you imagining I'm asking something else?
Kigalkree 11 months ago
There is no "Hard wired" Moral code.
JoJogore 11 months ago
I am a Christian, thank you.
Mazukora 11 months ago
Certain threads I've read today make me question the future of Western civilization.
Kakazahn 10 months ago
Although the rapture isn't mentioned. There are parts of the Bible that illustrate the second coming of Christ.
Shaktijin 10 months ago
Are you talking about the atheist terrorists and those atheists who attempt to force their laws that hinder the rights of others? Abortion being one of them
Vomuro 10 months ago
What a stupid story that so many actually believe is factual
Vor 10 months ago
Ugh. I *hate* how the first things that legislators and administrators want to cut are
Vudoktilar 10 months ago
My kids lost more coats, scarves, gloves, and hats than I care to count
Akijin 9 months ago
An atheist cannot claimthat slavery is bad.
Maurg 9 months ago
You tried accusing me of guessing. I proved to you I wasn't guessing. Now you're upset you're wrong and refusing to admit defeat.
Mat 9 months ago
Inherited money isn?t a sin.
Guzil 9 months ago
...."That is not faith, that is being credulous or naive"....
Dumuro 9 months ago
Same lol, I put that in there because people assume female. I mean its not an insult or anything, so I rarely correct folks.
Gardanos 9 months ago
Yeah, that's a nope. You all are set in your own explanation, and I'm not going to try to challenge it. Not worth my time.
Samumuro 8 months ago
Your reading skills are lacking. There is no evidence that the person you claim existed was anything more than a regular Jew. Ask David Koresh's followers about him and they will claim that he was divine too. SMH
Nikorisar 8 months ago
Yup....bring beer ?? ??
Kajim 8 months ago
I said the white Europeans are taking the jobs that Americans really would want. Not low paying, but professional. I arrested a white European once who was the Mayor of a town. Another one a doctor. You won't see a white illegal immigrant picking fruit. Why? Because of white privilege. Do you get it?
Mobei 8 months ago
Then he wasn't sacrificed.
Shaktiramar 7 months ago
You haven't noticed that I'm only doing it with you, because you glommed on to an irrelevant point and won't let it go. So I keep yanking your chain. 12 hours ago Hilarius explained it to you, but you wanted to have an argument with a strawman, so I've been obliging you.
Daisho 7 months ago
If A = {"people [who] complain about Trump"} and B = {"people that arrogantly assumed that Hillary would win and that we all better get used to saying 'Madame President'"}, do you understand that A ? B?
Akimi 7 months ago
This is another problem with believing . When you blame every bad thing that ever happened on athiests.
Nikotilar 7 months ago
Exactly - I wouldn?t trust that they didn?t add some ?special? ingredients.
Kesida 7 months ago
Your wife is a selfish bitch. Give her the divorce, go live your life and be happy.
Sabar 7 months ago
I thought the left's favorite sin was being gay? I was taught to hate the sin love the sinner
Akizahn 6 months ago
I think the first thing we need to do is establish whether or not it is even human. That's one of the arguments, then establish self accountability, then middle ground...Plan B Pill a much lesser evil than a vacuum or DNC. Overall, abortions are deplorable.
Mauzshura 6 months ago
Well the OP is about how some atheist scientists sometimes DO think about religion. It happens, and the question is whether it's good for science. Your statement that most atheists never think about religion is irrelevant, even if true.
Kigalmaran 6 months ago
Don't forget when Jesus told slaves to obey their masters as they would obey Christ himself.
Zulkigore 6 months ago
No, unlicensed pro life centers, centers, they are not clinics and they do not provide medical services.
Tojakasa 6 months ago
You might be interested in a book called "Making if the Fittest" by Sean B Carroll. It explains how DNA shows the history of our evolutionary past within it. (SPOILER: Forensic DNA backs up the fossil record).
Zurisar 6 months ago
I believe in intelligent design
Nicage 6 months ago
Yeah, I was raised evangelical, but to hear such insightful arguments was life-changing for me. Good to hear you've enjoyed them too!
Moogunris 5 months ago
" One third of our budget goes to the military..."

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