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"Look above at MTM's post."

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Outside the arena of armed conflict, and excluding such rapes' as the sexual use of slaves and of female refugees in displacement camps, rape is required whathots many cultures as affirmation of male strength and honour.

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Gay bars in saugatuck mi whatnots

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Kagarn 1 year ago
Sorry... didn't have time to look it up so went with memory as to where the genealogy was in Luke.
Tuk 1 year ago
In honor of Tex pimping his ride for better steering wheel clearance, I'm throwing back this Thursday to WAR's live TV performance in '76.
Bagami 1 year ago
Yelp is the worst. It?s basically people taking down businesses and sometimes not for legitimate reasons
Mikagami 1 year ago
Well, sacrificing folk to appease the gods is no longer socially acceptable and I'm sure your post to me would have been one of the responses giving to the objectors at the time. Call me a dreamer if you like.
Taut 1 year ago
I'm sorry, but this is much too benign an assessment of the people who supported the rightward march of the Republican party into the fever swamps of authoritarianism, conspiracy thinking, racism, misogyny, and constant lying that has created our present crisis. These people were, at a minimum, heedless of their basic civic obligations and of the necessity to take into account the effects of their political behavior on others; at worst, they were motivated by flat-out hatreds of various kinds. (Study after study has shown the prominence of racial animus in particular in this phenomenon -- a result also justified by the pattern of political events over the last several decades.)
Migor 1 year ago
Wanting to be acknowledged as a gay person, however much I disagree with that, is a justifiable desire. However, militant GLBT activism is advocating that those who disagree with that should be silenced or, indeed, persecuted, like we have seen with bakers, florists and Bed& breakfast owners.
Akile 1 year ago
I will have to chew on that. It's late and I have been drinking :) (a very fine single malt from the Isle of Islay)
Tokinos 1 year ago
Then you cannot prove up the existence of divine properties which makes you a liar.
Taramar 1 year ago
Did God do this?
Fenrizahn 1 year ago
And just what's the matter with being self-centered as contrasted with being selfish?
Tezshura 1 year ago
To which being, person or thing are you giving the titular title of 'God' to? All of the beings, people and things in the category of 'gods' I am familiar with are fictional literary characters...
Kazrajind 1 year ago
He said that last part like he knew something bad had just happened but he couldn't work out what it was. lololol
Arahn 1 year ago
The evidence presented by theists
Moogut 1 year ago
Milo should be a nobody but the fact is that he has influence on a huge number of people. This is yet another idiotic idea he is putting out there that a lot of idiots will actually take seriously.
Kagaran 1 year ago
a god so intelligent surely would understand us puny humans have questions?
Gozilkree 11 months ago
It appears, if objective morals exist, there are very few!
Zull 11 months ago
The Church Jesus was talking about is a spiritual Church, His Bride. God the Father is Spiritual. Christ is spiritual. The Holy Angels are spiritual. So Jesus' bride is also spiritual. Jesus was not talking about a Roman Catholic Church or Protestant churches. Jesus was talking about a spiritual Church. The body of Jesus Christ. When Jesus made this statement about His Church the Roman Catholic Church was not in existence. You can see His Spirit if you read the book of Acts. On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit came down and fell into about 30 Jews who had accepted Jesus Christ. Those 30 Jews was the small spiritual Church of Christ. Then later many Gentiles were saved and the Holy Spirit fell into them. These saved Gentiles became apart of the Spiritual Church because they have the Holy Spirit in them. It is the same today. There maybe a small remnant of people in the Roman Catholic Church who have accepted Jesus Christ then these remnant of people will have the Holy Spirit in them. The same with remnant of Protestants and Jews who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Once the Holy Spirit is living in these remnants of people. The Holy people connect or bring all these saved people into one group, called the TRUE CHURCH or the BODY OF JESUS CHRIST. Only the people with the Holy Spirit in them belong to God the Father and Christ and they are the TRUE CHURCH. It is amazing to me how they have all these rites in the Catholic Church and confessing of your sins and so. When the bible says, that the wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life thru Christ. Eternal life is free. Something free you just ask for it. Apostle Paul says if one confess with their mouth and believe with all thy heart that God has raise Jesus from the grave shall be saved. The thief on the cross with Jesus did no good works and yet because he ask Jesus, that thief was saved on the spot, and the thief went from not save to save in just a few minutes. This is the Spiritual Church Jesus was talking about and this Spiritual Church can never be destroyed.
Yozshukree 11 months ago
The confusing part is that you call yourselves a
Vudorr 11 months ago
It notes the black-and-white distinction between things about which we can be in error and those things about which we cannot be in error.
Mum 11 months ago
A little liberal with the term ?proven? there
Brazilkree 10 months ago
Of course, I have heard of the Church in Jerusalem. It is not referred to as the Jewish Church. It is known as the Church in Jerusalem.
Samukazahn 10 months ago
If one uses the mean of each estimate, the Fermi equation gives a high value, and lead to the wrong conclusion that Exo-life was pretty much guaranteed. This study ran the probabilities base don our actula presnt uncertainties, and discovered that "pretty much guaranteed" was wrong -- instead there is a significant possibility of nobody being out there. This is news!
Gura 10 months ago
5. Should students be able to distribute religious literature in school on their own time?
Akinobei 10 months ago
Does the study say "ALL"?
Shakatilar 10 months ago
Because my humble personal life is thoroughly irrelevant for the discussion. Unless you are considering marital perspective.
Tojinn 9 months ago
Start some more conspiracy theories. I have heard the Catholic church killed Kennedy because he was having affairs.
Fauhn 9 months ago
Come where is our resident naysayer who continues to claim that there is just ?no evidence of collusion or conspiracy ?.
Vurn 9 months ago
It's often not even the norm for soldiers depending on where you live, let alone for human beings in general.
Arashirisar 9 months ago
Ugh....same. I just can't motivate myself today.
Gay bars in saugatuck mi whatnots

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