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"It seems you cannot understand PLAIN English? DemoRATS is plural which means MORE THAN ONE!"

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18 year old Asian gets pounded

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Tashicage 11 months ago
"The young working family that lost their home in bush's Great Recession, along with their jobs...that was their choice?"
Dutilar 11 months ago
She hasn't claimed any race other than white.
Dihn 10 months ago
Then you were never truly a Christian to begin with.
Grozragore 10 months ago
And King Arthur.
Mezikazahn 10 months ago
It's in the second verse of the bible.. you git an eff for this!!! :)
Dugis 10 months ago
Had a charicature used for the role of Goldmember in the movie that quote is from.
Nikojar 10 months ago
You responses on this topic are on point today.
Tugal 10 months ago
Never ceases to amaze me that people believe this nonsense
Zugore 10 months ago
I love her, she is so down to Earth. When she performed "My Heart will Go On" after her husband died and she started crying I was BAWLING, like ugly crying.
Gogor 9 months ago
Yes, if you do not believe, cool. Unless somebody kill you by i.e. burning on stake, separating your head from body, like NOWADAYS in big friend of America, namely SA, .... THEN is not really cool and why we all bother so much with religion as we do not want old times to return. Religion is evil because have always been great tool for control of masses. Politics can also be abused if giving to much power to some idea or party.
Dugar 9 months ago
Oh. If they give money to charity or for charity, that would be tax exempt just like it is for anyone, so I don?t know why you?d raise that point. But why should money used for the church be tax exempt? If I give money to charity for a tax write off, I?m still open for an audit. Why shouldn?t a church be the same way? I?ve never heard anyone give a substantive reason that religious money should be tax free with closed books. Nowhere is that in the founding documents. As I demonstrated above, frankly, it?s unconstitutional.
Mijas 9 months ago
Sunni Muslims, Christian Evangelicals, and Hasidic and Orthodox Jews would all disagree.
Kigakazahn 9 months ago
Well it would need to be pointed out that most NT scholars are in agreement that Matthew 28:19-20 is a 4th maybe 5th century interpolation in Matthew and was not part of the original Gospel
Memuro 9 months ago
I just ask a question. So, why are you giving me things to read? Are they more Christian crap? Are they about a science study? I like to deal with things that are tangible and articulate. If you are a Bible thumper. Then there is nothing of benefit for you to present your argument to me. I am a confirmed atheist. I know you people think you can change the mind of atheist. But this one will just laugh at you. Ha Ha Ha.
Mikree 9 months ago
Aww there so cute
Meztizragore 9 months ago
Pretty absurd notion though.
Dizragore 8 months ago
Helps is you put an @ in front of name... like this...
Mazulrajas 8 months ago
Another border line dishonest OP by TFCC!. Where to begin......?
Kejar 8 months ago
No surprise. I don't like to trouble most folks about their religions... but I find myself very weary of any church that features a jumbotron or a starbucks.
Kasho 8 months ago
They shouldn't stop...
Malalabar 7 months ago
In Morrow county, it would be impossible to kill all jackrabbits, coyotes or prairie dogs. The ranch I was working on was 3000 acres. You could only try to keep some kind of balance. What you shot was generally what was causing you problems that year, or you'd leave it alone.
Meziran 7 months ago
Who the fquck cares what Giulianni thinks?
Akimi 7 months ago
Even the big bang doesn't assert something from nothing. I'd invite everyone to attempt to find even a general consensus that there ever was "nothing" that a state devoid of feature ever existed.
Kajitilar 7 months ago
none, the democrap congress did imbecile, every Reagan budget was DOA.
Sahn 7 months ago
"but those morals are undoubtedly based in religion"
Mojar 7 months ago
Mostly kids are taught now their own feelings are paramount. Winning things for participation. They don't teach how to lose with grace. "If you're not first, you're last." (Thank you, Ricky Bobby. : )
Dolabar 6 months ago
i am your everything!
Dihn 6 months ago
This is the most absurbly complicated rationalization. You also deny John 3:16.
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