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Well hung gay white boy
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"Jefferson TRASHED Christianity and so did Paine. Monroe and Adams insulted religious people."

' It was dead embarrassing, particularly since Harry and I had been taking each other's problems in hand for well over a year.

The three of us kissed each other, our hands running all over each other's bodies. " "That's great, Gin, but it doesn't help me one sodding bit.

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Master Andrew bowed once more, the spotlight went dark, and the house lights came up to their normal level of muted dimness. His hands started to brush my arm as his sleepy eyes fluttered open. Ellis spoke with the voice of moderation and I think you'd find his work interesting (I assume you don't know it since you didn't quote it in your e-mail).

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Togar 1 year ago
I stand by my point.
Yomuro 11 months ago
What if she pulls a fast one and declares herself leader-for-life?
Arashizragore 11 months ago
Are the dogs gay?
Kigajas 11 months ago
They don't teach history in schools anymore?
Arajinn 11 months ago
Just keep on dreaming. You just don't get the fact that once all of those imported goods get unloaded at the ports they have to go somewhere to make money. Without the chance at nationwide customers how many of your "growing industries" do you think would stay in those states? Those states thrive because they are entry ways to the rest of the country and exit points for exported goods. If they are suddenly entries to nowhere and exits from nowhere you can kiss them good by.
Shakus 10 months ago
Sorry Brad, he's not right. If you have any proof to help him out, feel free to provide any.
Kagasho 10 months ago
Yea got a her basement
Taurisar 10 months ago
You tryin' to be all fancy now, huh?
Kazrajinn 10 months ago
Her inexperience induced her to acknowledge the acceptance of the mostly Liberal style program. I am sure she would not do it again.
Mull 10 months ago
You are the worst troll on this channel, GCTDVD. Who are you going to attack when all of the lefties finally get sick of your juvenile bullshit and block you? How will you get your kicks then? I promise you that I will not block you. I will call you out for your baiting and trolling.
Goltishura 9 months ago
that's one point. the other was that milo is a provocateur. he gets paid to say that crap. most people on the right don't even take him seriously.
Maurisar 9 months ago
I don't get why you take pride in being the foolish.
Mezahn 9 months ago
Your screen name. Ts ( yo mommy)
JoJot 9 months ago
What if you're wrong? Therefore my specific god.
Bragis 9 months ago
LOL, it's the work of evolution. No watchmaker involved at all.
Shakagar 8 months ago
Kenny never needs me to defend him but he's an atheist
Visho 8 months ago
Reading textbooks to learn how to use Rattle in R is very dry. Two cups of coffee, do not help.
Kezilkree 8 months ago
Lots of things (archaeologically) were never discovered before the 20th century, so I'm not sure why that would be a relevant point (it doesn't mean they didn't exist at the time period they're dated to just because we found it during 20th century excavations).
Gardagis 8 months ago
Im still waiting for an answer. rephrase it if you want.
Dougis 8 months ago
There is a God. All morals flow from Him. Period.
Tygozahn 8 months ago
No one ever went broke by underestimating the stupidity of the American people, isn't that how the saying goes? Only Donald did go broke several times. Hmmm.
Vujas 8 months ago
You can't be serious! Israel hadn't even been nation for 2,000 years until the UN passed the resolution in 1948. The very next day the surrounding Arab nations declared war and attacked. The Jews put an army of citizens and private airplanes to battle. The Israelites "kicked the sand out of their britches."
Well hung gay white boy

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