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Top 10 reasons to quit smoking

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"But they have been marvelously consistent on boiling baby goats in their mothers' milk."

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DOCEAN Legends Nina Hartley and Roxanne Hall split by Black Cock

DOCEAN Legends Nina Hartley and Roxanne Hall split by Black Cock

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Top 10 reasons to quit smoking
Top 10 reasons to quit smoking
Top 10 reasons to quit smoking

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Fenrigis 1 year ago
If he isn't mentioned, he isn't necessary. Therefore you admit to already knowing the answer to your question.
Yogor 1 year ago
My self-image remains intact so long as I drive a better car than 80% of the people around me. I've learned not to count on answered prayers as a means to assess my standing in the cosmos. Besides, I think it's pretty cool that the universe has evolved a way in which it can know and marvel at itself through me. I am the universe experiencing itself. Hey wait...that puts me on a big ego trip!
Datilar 1 year ago
At least the pagans don't come knocking on your door.
Dogore 1 year ago
That 'A' may be "murder" is merely your fallible human judgment, and your fallible human judgment does not apply to God.
Balmaran 1 year ago
The part I am not understanding is how it is a violation of the 1st Amendment to require clinics to disclose whether or not they are a licensed medical facility.
Mezikree 1 year ago
There was a brief period of silence between the OT and the NT...also missing pieces of Jesus' childhood and teen years....
Gucage 1 year ago
Please find me ONE Con government that did that properly and their members, weren't hoare-ING themselves in the trough as a reward!
Gardataur 1 year ago
At this time it is Islamic - they are the ones blowing themselves and others up.
Kigazragore 1 year ago
Theist do evil when they violate the law of God, atheist to evil when they feel like it because they don't believe there's any good or evil but most don't want to live outside of the society norms which by the way are framed within Judeo-Christian ethic. Richard Dawkins confesses there is no good or evil yet for a ordered society he's good with following Judeo-Christian ethic because he sees that it establishes a healthier and safer society.
Dojin 1 year ago
When my wife -- who is a lot closer to 18 than little old lady -- had an emergency C section, it was a male nurse that came in to shave her pubic area. None of us had a problem with it. btw, that nurse had a Muslim name.
Dagal 1 year ago
So show me where that happened. For those that can READ numbers, you are just plain and simply wrong. He got 39.2% of the vote. Period. Oh, I see, you are trying to combine two separate entities again. How convenient and how wrong. Thanks for the stupidity.
Yolkree 1 year ago
Can you get into your head that ideas and people are not the same? When I say you have wrong ideas about Islam, it doesn't mean I consider you a bad person. There are no born evil people, but there are many holding to wrong and hamrful ideas. Which part of it don't you understand?
Tygoshicage 1 year ago
Historical evidence says it did
Samujin 11 months ago
nothing in the bible is about evolution. zero. the bible is fable.
JoJobei 11 months ago careful your strawman doesn't get too close to any open flames, John...
Gahn 11 months ago
Nah. No need to post a death list. That would change the topic of discussion.
Mazuk 11 months ago
I would define science as the study of the repeatable. That might seem overly simple at first, but it cuts through a lot of crap in many different fields.
Kajikinos 11 months ago
Exactly. I really don't because I gained experience from it.
Kitaur 10 months ago
Nobody does, and that's what's scary. Iran didn't even sign the deal, so why did Obama give them 185 billion in cash?
Met 10 months ago
You know many Americans weren't please with the past Administration. They sucked it up ...thus, this election, they showed their displeasure with Obama's policies and agenda...thus, President Trump.
Mugar 10 months ago
It's like "racist". When people are calling Kanye West and Morgan Freeman racists, you know the word has lost the weight it once carried and no one will take it serious anymore.
Kajora 10 months ago
Nooooooooooooooo.! That won't happen to you..It WONT! ITTTTT WONTTTT. Putting my fingers in my ears and singing "lalalalalala" ....but for reals...I get it. Even if I had to have surgery for a health issue..scares the crap out of me.
Kajijin 10 months ago
Worked in Ontario. Mike Harris cut taxes and the economy took off.
Arashizuru 10 months ago
So can we own slaves and beat them?
Akirn 9 months ago
Moses? rod was his ? secret weapon ?
Grogrel 9 months ago
Nope. And neither were his rights violated like Khadr's were. You are comparing apples and oranges.
Moogushura 9 months ago
...For the government and politicians... Grandma just needs to take a pain pill.too old for a hip replacement.
Gardalrajas 9 months ago
Incorrect. We are all born atheist and much learn religion
Brak 9 months ago
What a butthead lol
Kazill 9 months ago
Uh. That is not how this thing works!!!!
Mazushura 8 months ago
Screwed according to what?
Fekus 8 months ago
Since when does this have anything to do with consent?
Dakree 8 months ago
Plays well to the ignorant
Moogushakar 8 months ago
As you could have seen, in Politifact, the numbers aren't in.

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