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Right thumb over left thumb

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"How amazing to watch your daughter start out with such humble beginnings, become successful in her own right, then become royalty!"

Its dick was now held vertically against its stomach, plastic mouth dangling as though impaled on it. Her tonguing licking greedily all the way. Thubm needed another hour of simmering.



This arrangement placed her head about half-way down thjmb mattress. "These are the rules of our game, Barbie. Her tonguing licking greedily all the way. Keep the noise down!" Jamie grinned and blew me a kiss, then pointed at me, and then downstairs.

I promise I won't tell. " was all she could say as I tied the napkins around her eyes, adjusting to make sure she could see nothing.

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Right thumb over left thumb
Right thumb over left thumb
Right thumb over left thumb

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Zutaxe 1 year ago
Islam is much more a political system than a religion. 2/3 of the Koran is devoted not to being a good Muslim but to treating non-Muslims. This is politics, not religion.
Voodookinos 1 year ago
I know you do, and I love the passion that drives you. Though sometimes your words don?t come out perfectly, I know what?s in the heart.
Tekasa 1 year ago
Right?! : )
Goltilabar 1 year ago
Duh. The herpes has to choose you.
Mekinos 1 year ago
For 8 minutes ;)
Yozshugal 1 year ago
ya...God gave him cirrhosis, which made him impotent, and too crippled to beat the kids.
Kiganos 1 year ago
Yeah, I get that, too. And I'm so guilty of that.
Shakinos 1 year ago
Nope. It is something that exists. I think we all know that. We just need to see where and how.
Mezticage 1 year ago
Okay... but you don't get to sit there and pout if she chooses to read or do needlework... or go watch TV in another room... rather than watch what you decide she should be watching.
Voodoosar 1 year ago
Agreed 100%... Perhaps with the caveat of I like the idea above to give the BF the card and have him show up isntead.
Nakora 1 year ago
34 South American Bishops resigned last we for a decades long cover-up of child abuse. Evil? Nope just another average week of christian charity.
Kajigore 1 year ago
Miscegenation cannot be compared because same-sex marriage does not expand marriage; it alters its meaning, and severs the institution from its nature and purpose ? it remakes marriage into a mere contract.
Tugul 1 year ago
Hey, we judge all the time. When we vote, when we make new friends, when we decide that some have to judge is a part of life. God calls us to be wise. God bless
Moogunris 1 year ago
I dunno, have you ever smashed a knitting engine? ;-)
Shakinos 1 year ago
Are you objectively agreeing? Or subjectively charming me? :-)
Yosar 1 year ago
"I see you are going down your own list."
Tataur 1 year ago
I will have to chew on that. It's late and I have been drinking :) (a very fine single malt from the Isle of Islay)
Douzil 11 months ago
If climate change continues Canada will need to build a wall to keep Midwesterners out. Or they could sell them land in the Northern Territory.
Fedal 11 months ago
Of course they don't. Your views are not clouded at all, and you are completely rational and fair. /s
Kigor 11 months ago
Thanks for reminding me, I forgot to follow through and block him. As I said, he can bug off...
Masar 11 months ago
It is quite easy to make the bible say anything you want when taking verses out of context. Taken in context and with study throughout, the Bible is very clear as all of it presents common and interrelated themes. Much of the OT was fulfilled by the NT as shadow images became real as played out in the NT. Much study brings clarification, that's why the Vatican forbade its adherents reading it for themselves - on pain of death for over 15 centuries. That makes the self serving intents and purposes of the Vatican abundantly obvious. Ditto for any other wannabes.
Moogujin 11 months ago
I laugh at yours and all other religions.
Tazuru 10 months ago
you're missing the correct spelling, of course.
Tygorn 10 months ago
"I know I made the claim but a lot more people made this claim long before me. There are literally thousands of books on the topic of energy. Do your own research."
Brazuru 10 months ago
So man bad, he hurt mommy earth for profit and it is all USA fault. Yep, good little disciple of GoreBull warming, you have most of the talking points down.
Zoloramar 10 months ago
Yeah, you'll find that tactic doesn't work here. No Gish Gallop. We're onto it, mkay?
Gozilkree 10 months ago
Perhaps you should stop believing he exists and try for yourself.
Dubei 10 months ago
Zolonris 10 months ago
Not big on identifying larger issues, huh? You stated, "I don?t believe a "God-shaped hole exists in my heart" and "No more problems on that front." My answer, full of empirical references, generated what response from you? " A pile of bile." Ah, that is not a response demonstrating a lack of problems, but alienation on some basis, whether antagonistic denial or determined escapism. That?s why self-awareness led Therapeutic Psychology immediately from Freud?s own anti-theism to Transpersonal Psychology, and Freud?s own retreat to what? agnostic atheism or the like. Ever heard of the Rohrschach test? It works wonders, but only if you make the effort that is required.
Kajidal 10 months ago
Remember that TV commercial with Mikey?
Zolokree 10 months ago
Why would there be options if god is leading his followers to salvation? The OP did a good job of pointing out some very fundamental differences between churches. I'm having a problem with the willy-nilly selection process. Seems like something that would be set by a deity wouldn't be so easy to get wrong. Like the whole idea is arbitrary and meaningless. If god doesn't care.... why would anyone else?
Kagashicage 9 months ago
You're much better at identifying the point than you're pretending to be.
Akigis 9 months ago
Which is one of the main reasons I'm no longer a Christian. Not because of what the bible says or doesn't say, but because today's Christian Churches often don't separate what's culturally appropriate to the time & place back then from what is more timeless & more in keeping with the gospel's emphasis on Love over Law.
Grobar 9 months ago
Yes and don't forget to thank the Chinese for those. How about marrying in the family and inbreeding? Do you think that's another good idea introduced by the Muslims?

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