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"Overturning laws is part of a just system that progresses with knowledge."

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Nude on photo copier
Nude on photo copier

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Mazugar 11 months ago
marrying a FAT, BALDING, NARCISSIST with the maturity of a 12 year old, FOR MONEY
Dinris 11 months ago
Go back to the mid-80's. Same story, different year.
Voodoorg 11 months ago
RoFo deserved very very little respect even as a retail Pol taking care of the individual while creating otherproblems eg personally removing sand piles from back yards because a neighbour complains then having to replace when there are more complaints about its removal.
Meztigis 10 months ago
Nothing to embrace.
Yojind 10 months ago
Oh Kvetch. You don't seem to know the difference between gun use (as in crimes or other offensive acts) and proper gun training for defensive use.
Netaur 10 months ago
Well, well, well! Good morning my little sweet slice of sunshine!
Kazitaur 10 months ago
Ever driven even a single mile an hour over the speed limit?
Mitaur 10 months ago
Where did you go to law school?
Kajit 10 months ago
False. To know that abortion is wrong, all one has to be is human. One doesn't even have to be a republican!
Mern 9 months ago
We elected Trump to be our leader so he can think he's king.
Gogami 9 months ago
Not for you.
Digul 9 months ago
WE watched that religiously in college. Right after Duck Tales and before Tiny Toons. Later, Animaniacs.
Basida 9 months ago
Oh - one other thing.
Gardale 9 months ago
Thanks for the kinds words, Richard.
Kazisida 9 months ago
Did you write that yourself? Wikipedia is not the judge of who is a racist? Really?
Vit 8 months ago
No chimp is getting my banana!
Tygonris 8 months ago
He didn't say "but Hillary" or "but Obama".
Shaktilar 8 months ago
Blacks hate Trump partly because their White Liberal masters in the mainstream media and Hollyweird tell them too.
Kaziran 8 months ago
I did not miss the point at all. We do not want diamonds to change because the are already the result of change. However, that is really not true either because we DO want them to change. We do not want them to sit there unmined in their raw form do we?
Samunris 8 months ago
Similarly, God can feel differently about these two:
Nalkis 8 months ago
Ok, my bad, I'm doing this in between real life. But it seems like a distinction without a difference in this context. Congress recommended the Bible to the inhabitants of the United States, that's what your quote says. I can find plenty more instances of the early government actively promoting christianity if I take the time to check my sources. You're at least familiar with the McGuffey Readers, for instance, which were used into the 20th century?
Zulujin 7 months ago
I will allow your insults to wash off me like water off a duck's back.
Juran 7 months ago
Josephus was not a contemporary historian of the time. He wasn't even born until after the events of which Christians wish to point took place.
Voodoonris 7 months ago
...but seven years.....maybe something else has his attention? Focus!!
Goltigul 7 months ago
Atheists can be militant shannon
Douzahn 7 months ago
CALI is a sh!tshow. They actually passed a law (prop 47) that turned property crime into a misdemeanor, another prop let thousands of criminals out of jail to ease overcrowding. Throw in the law that says it's perfectly okay to pitch tents on the street or live in a car and you have an apocalyptic mess with crime off the charts and dangerously mentally ill walking the streets. messing up voting doesn't surprise me, it seems as if this state goes out of its way to make life difficult. citizens here are nothing more than walking ATMS with a fee, fine or tax for everything.
Aradal 7 months ago
Sheesh, I meant to nudge but it was in order to desensitize you to such a common word. It would make your life and my life much better if we didn't get annoyed by such little things.
Kazrashura 7 months ago
What one does for a living and how well they do it qualifies as 'action'. An 'action' is defined in the vedas as an effort to achieve a specific result. Intelligence therefore wouldn't qualify as an action.
Akinorg 6 months ago
neat, i'm talking about results.
Arashijind 6 months ago
No. Why would I?
Nimi 6 months ago
If President Donald Trump walked on the surface of the Potomac River from one side to the other, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, and every democrat in Congress would exclaim, "TRUMP CAN'T SWIM!!!!!!"
Akinocage 6 months ago
It suits the gods I honor.
Kelkree 6 months ago
So your claim is just that you believe in morality but that there is no evidence that morality even exists? If there is no evidence that morality even exists then how does he know that you even believe in morality?

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