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Demonic toys part 1

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"And you're right. But what we have is claims of gods. Not evidence of gods. Just like the Harry Potter books aren't evidence of wizards or of trolls or of giants, these holy books aren't evidence of gods or wizards or trolls or giants."

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Deepthroat Cum Swallowing! She gulps it all down!

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Demonic toys part 1

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Zolojinn 1 year ago
Its Howard stern, thats how his show always is
Kazrall 11 months ago
That's true. I wasn't necessarily referring to this situation, just harassment cases in general.
Moogucage 11 months ago
There's quite a few who argue Scientology was never intended to be a church to begin with, but was merely used as a tax loophole by incredibly wealthy celebrities. I think there may be at least some merit to that.
Akimi 11 months ago
Only fools call the PM an idiot. The cons tried that ploy in 2015 and lost. I am sure that they will try it again in 2019. Conservatives are very slow learners. That is why they take so long to progress.
Gar 11 months ago
He thinks he's going to a summit with Kim Kardashian.
Arashim 11 months ago
And the far left thinks that where they sit is in the center. You just can't make that sh!t up. Comedy at its finest.
Vuzahn 11 months ago
No, it's a fact. Before an employer can add an SSN to their payroll, they have to submit the employees I-9 form (e-verify) to homeland security and the SSA.
Tygoshicage 11 months ago
The CDC published an analysis of gay men in 21 cities and found that 1 in 5 of them had HIV. And almost half of them didn't even know it. (?1 in 5 Men Who Have Sex with Men in 21 U.S. Cities Has HIV; Nearly Half Unaware,? Press Release by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, September 23, 2010, retrieved February 20, 2012, from
Damuro 11 months ago
But he will make wedding cakes for divorced adulterated fornicators. And wedding cakes for dogs. He's nothing but a homophobic bigot.
Meztibar 11 months ago
You need to dial it back a whole bunch if you want to continue posting on this channel, Peter Damian.
Makus 10 months ago
Yep. Agreed. Everyone will benefit from Wisdom.
Shakacage 10 months ago
I ignored it because it doesnt exist.
Shaktilkis 10 months ago
Donnie is just doing what his boss told him to.
Shaktilkis 10 months ago
More proof that the left has no platform, only childish behavior.
Vodal 10 months ago
Um, I'm taking you did not look at the recently declassified files the US govt opened to the world. It showed the studies into paranormal stuff, and there is hard evidence. A guy who, in a separate room, can reproduce what someone draws in a secluded room somewhere else. This is one of quite a bit of evidence they have.
Mular 9 months ago
Kind of a non answer?
Guramar 9 months ago
62 years is freaking awesome :)
Mikanris 9 months ago
My mom is so clueless that it?s a wonder she ever made it this far in life even with my dad guiding her around. It makes me feel very overprotective of her...
Zolokus 9 months ago
And since when is hard evidence a logical system?
Bar 9 months ago
I have an idea. All congressmen and women get put up in dormitories at the capital. Meals paid and they get very small stipends. Maybe the same amount as a Private in the Army. All of their assets are seized at the time they take office. Their personal fortunes get tied to the GDP so that if the nation prospers, they prosper. If the Nation doesn't, they don't. Their personal wealth is tied to the GDP for 10 years after they leave service so that long term planning is encouraged.
Vunos 9 months ago
a better example of why the liberal movement has faltered can scarcely be imagined.
Tojabei 8 months ago
OMG I will find and watch it.
Gutaur 8 months ago
I mostly can't understand what they're saying but it hasn't stopped me from listening to it on repeat. Gotta love a good boy band.
Vudokasa 8 months ago
The topic is plans. God is bad at it.
Nazragore 8 months ago
Thank you for your service.
Viktilar 8 months ago
And in that regard, I can understand the layered invites more. It's just not very common over here, I guess.
Merr 8 months ago
And what else could be? Btw, Dahmer did not have any conscience, he was psychopath like all serial killers. As social beings we can't survive without some rules, from there foundation.
Faell 8 months ago
Wait....there's the solution! Initiate a documentation check at every point of purchase for every item sold here: food, gasoline, household goods, etc....A variation of "No tickee, no payee". Donnie can order a Yuge fleet of ICE vans and cattle trucks to have within 1/2 mile of every business and pay for it with savings from the Yuge damages the "illegals" have wrought on us.
Demonic toys part 1

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