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"Well, I'm not so good with that, we struggled with schools in the US. We have applied the Factory model. We move widgets through the system. We pour lifeless disconnected content into these widgets, then for quality control measure them to see what stuck."

I would love to see that. She said my name.

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Cute puppy boy fucks himself with GSD dildo and cums on his belly

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Young amateur home movies
Young amateur home movies

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Samule 1 year ago
first, do a little research on what incitement entails.
Milkree 1 year ago
That's your threshold for what? You can count on one hand the creatures on this planet with cognative abilities. Our own ancestors lacked cognative skills.
Mimi 1 year ago
Well, that would be true, overall - however, how can anyone produce a God that remains invisible to the five senses of the human body?
Nazragore 1 year ago
No rebuttal then.
Tagis 1 year ago
You are a moderator?
Tushura 1 year ago
What about it? Where does it say anything about "secular state" - ? These guys were brilliant and they steered clear of your sort of extremism as surely as they steered clear of the English church model.
Dutilar 1 year ago
Give your stolen Bible back to its rightful owner since you have no respect for the one true Church that defined it and assembled it. Thief. Go peddle your lies somewhere else.
Arashikasa 1 year ago
I picked one out of many that where the same.
Yogal 1 year ago
How have you determined that what Christians believe is wrong and what Muslims believe is correct Aziz?
Zologor 1 year ago
Waters called for verbal confrontation, not violence.
Netaxe 1 year ago
I was "wrong either way"?
Tura 1 year ago
IF they want to, THEY have the freedom to. Let them chose personally.
Vudocage 1 year ago
"The internet is not the public square."
Bahn 1 year ago
Fizbanic said ?once I find one place your whole comment fails?. Looking at his other comments, he is using the tactics of a lobbyist. And by craft and slyness, you have exposed it for all to see. Well played sir!
Maudal 1 year ago
That's a bit dishonest *if* you are aware that in 1996 the Dickey amendment prohibited the CDC from funding research into gun deaths, which effectively prevented them from tracking how many people died each year due to guns, various kinds of guns, situations involving guns, demographics, etc.
Mam 1 year ago
You have distorted what I wrote, again.
Nikoktilar 11 months ago
How can anything Christian be earlier than the first two centuries AD?
Tojabei 11 months ago
There is nothing vague about the passage. I'm sure you are quite familiar with the terms "Fruits of one's Labor" and as such that makes your comment quite disingenuous.
Brakinos 11 months ago
IOW many are gullible and believe in imaginary crap.
Zulkikree 11 months ago
Oh good, keep out the part with the Indonesian hooker. I don't think he is ready for that.
Mikarn 11 months ago
Yes and don't forget to thank the Chinese for those. How about marrying in the family and inbreeding? Do you think that's another good idea introduced by the Muslims?
Arashisida 11 months ago
*threatened to come and pull the fire alarm and then shoot everyone as we exited. So they did take the threat seriously and put snipers on the roof. but none of us considered it a possibility.
Arashikasa 10 months ago
They tried to do a streaming service, but they were too late.
Tojarr 10 months ago
Sometimes I have the fantasy that it would be a good thing to find and kill all the warmongers, the Bushs and Rumsfelds, the Cheneys, Putins and Obamas and of course the ones behind them, the military-industrial complex. Imagine how many lives could be saved! I'll count on you when I finally snap.
Terr 10 months ago
Acme condoms, Wiley has lots of coyote pups to feed!
Mok 10 months ago
Insanity huh? Jesus is now white.....I mean come on. Johan Abrahams has some really strange ideology.
Nak 10 months ago
I haven't read that book. When she wrote 'A History of God', she was certainly more balanced in her assessments.
Yozshuramar 10 months ago
It does depend on the extent of her reliance and if she contributes equally in other areas.
Zugore 9 months ago
Could you point out where it says that?
Mirr 9 months ago
Considering homosexuality is entirely natural, by that logic, God is fine with it. He keeps making it.
Dogul 9 months ago
So there's no reason to think the Supreme Court is against religion. In fact, if anything, it's been more pro-religion in the last ten years than it has been for a very long time.
Yokazahn 9 months ago
Ya you said that two weeks ago. How's it worked for ya? lol
Zurr 9 months ago
No problem...LONG paragraphs, haha. Thought I might get away with the usual four all the same :)
Tugal 9 months ago
It's her fault, she just is not courteous of fine photography!
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