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Save yourself the instruction
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"The bible hasn't been preserved."

This was not the frenzied coupling she had experienced with Frank. He looked up at me as he kept moving down, his face showed anticipation, and yearning as he slowly teased my body.

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Eventually, they stopped kissing and stepped back, both looking shocked but pleased. They were in the same order as when they, themselves, had occupied the pillory. "Your cunt makes a liar out of you.

Was it a tease. This really wasn't an easy conversation to have with her brother, but she knew it was important to him, and to Hermione as well, even if she didn't know about it. "Did you think I would not notice that you did not walk properly as you approached me?" Gloria's eyes widened in fear.

"Did mum say anything to you about finding us in bed together this morning?" Asked Steve. Kaitlynn wiped some onto her hand, and, perched on the end of the sofa with her legs spread, began rubbing it into her wet pussy. " David said. Oh yes Oh please, don't stop. Go away, please, I pleaded. They both gasped and Holly leant forward to touch it.

"What a whore you are, Leyla. If mummy's pussy was a volcano I would jump inside with pleasure. "Oh god!" Emma intoned.

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Akirr 1 year ago
I'll do better, I'm going to "push back" on your
Magis 1 year ago
It was a joke he made about a Peruvian mummy on display in DC. It pissed off a high ranking Peruvian anthropologist as lacking respect.
Zuluzshura 1 year ago
If it is only illustrates just how powerless and unimaginative this god is.
Arashisida 1 year ago
The Last Time CO2 Was This High, Humans Didn?t Exist
Mazulabar 1 year ago
I've put in close to half a century of varying intensities of study in Christianity, Islam, and Catholicism. As I said before, Catholicism gutted the very essence of the Christian Gospel. Catholicism isn't Christian though many mistakenly think so. Read and study any one of the Gospels and it will become obvious which is the pretender.
Kizragore 1 year ago
Duk 1 year ago
I couldn't have said it better myself if a gun had been pointed to both my heads.
Kaganos 1 year ago
What are you still confused about Dean?
Shagal 1 year ago
The point is Bible believers believe the Creator is eternal and don't have to waste time on questions about where did the creator come from just like scientists don't have to worry about where the universe came from to speculate on how it started.
Fenririsar 1 year ago
The government loves to overcharge, especially when not doing so would lead to more riots.
Zuzilkree 1 year ago
I thought this was the Religion channel, not the political channel. What does the Bible say about men having sex with other men? I suggest you read Romans chapter 1. vs 26,27 explains what a homosexual is, then vs 32 says "Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them." As for me, I will agree with what scripture says, not what politics says. If a man wants to have sex with another man, I don't really care. Just don't try and convince me that it is normal. My question is, does God care? It seems He does have a position on this issue, and His opinion is the only one I am interested in. In case you will come back with: that's just Paul talking. Lev 18:22 the LORD is speaking: "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.", or a 'sin' in some translations. Paul is just agreeing with what the LORD said in the OT. So it is in the OT and NT, and they agree. How can a person say they are Christian, and believe in God and not believe what He says? It seems they just want the approval of men and don't care what God thinks.
Faezilkree 1 year ago
Correct - and you seem to countenance taking away that choice of life and imposing habits on others. If someone was forcing you to wear a burqa I would march in the street beside you screaming bloody hell.
Vudogal 1 year ago
I sometimes do, but I don't really talk about my personal faith all that much, Some general stuff, but not the nuts and bolts. Its just not something I have much desire to do.
Zulusar 1 year ago
I don't know how you can say men make a good/fair society when history tells a completely different story.
Tygorg 1 year ago surprises about ole Bill.
Dagal 1 year ago
I cannot really argue with that logic
Kajibar 11 months ago
Who obstructed the investigations? It certainly was not Eves! Who allowed Mazza to escape testifying because he was medically unfit and we find out days later that he was working as an emergency room physician? Conservative look for solutions, Liberals look to blame someone else.
Migar 11 months ago
"Are you morally content to let a fetus develop while the police investigate the veracity of a rape charge?"
Gardadal 11 months ago
Just because the Asians refuse to find a more sustainable food source, that doesn?t mean we are over populated.
Tygozuru 11 months ago
T9R is hardly the bully here at {bn}... get real.
Mazuzshura 11 months ago
You like what you like. Unless she's being snooty about it don't worry about it. One thing is rarely better than another thing - we're all entitled to our preferences :)
Mijinn 11 months ago
Weaponized DOJ don?t investigate the weaponizer.....duh
Fem 10 months ago
lmao, yup blame the parents because god made faulty humans.
Daigore 10 months ago
Yes it's sad to see those single unit old stores closing. People like the ease of big box stores and parking in the downtown is difficult especially if you want to buy something you need to carry to the car.
Mezirn 10 months ago
Rah rah rah.
JoJodal 10 months ago
It's a single holer. People who drink horse piss need to have one handy.
Kazram 10 months ago
Which, in retrospect, would make her very popular with the staff . . . uhm, so to speak . . .
Tajar 10 months ago
"What convinced you Paul's letters were not forgeries?"
Voodoojin 9 months ago
The name calling ends now
Akigrel 9 months ago
Yes, I think he was an apocalyptic prophet, as I've said.
Samur 9 months ago
Don't be surprised that many of us don't give a crap what you think.

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