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Russian Love Match Russian Love

Russian Love Match Russian Love
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"Which is in line with the idea that only the parents can decide for the child."

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Russian Love Match Russian Love

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Nanris 1 year ago
Does it matter? I'm a theist and I haven't posited one religious argument on any of these threads about abortion. The unborn child is either a human being or it isn't. And if it is, there abortion is a threat to human rights. Even Christopher Hitchens believed this.
Taut 1 year ago
Won't really know if it's money well spent until he graduates. Never indicated my position on the existence or non-existence of hypothetical metaphysical entities. You're right; dictating children's lives is a bad idea, and parents whose children have their gender dictated to them by other students are very likely to fight back.
Shaktirr 11 months ago
Apart from the godliness, who can argue with that.
Zulkisida 11 months ago
How is history being destroyed?
Tern 11 months ago
Jesus. So sorry you're having to deal with all that :( :(
Takinos 11 months ago
I'm just curious are you saying that you hold a 9 month old baby in the same category as a week old fetus?
Shataxe 11 months ago
There is a line, im sure you know that.
Kajikinos 10 months ago
Did you read Disque terms of service agreement before clicking "Accept"? Ain't nobody got time for that.
Mizragore 10 months ago
Maybe if they were in amore competitive division it would be more interesting-
Mezigis 10 months ago
So Catholicism has not increased as a percentage of population. The data on Brazil is not cherry picked but shows the RCC declining as it is in the western world.
Kazil 10 months ago
Your theology is so far removed from rational theology or Bible-based theology as to make dialogue here pointless. Seek help from any of several excellent apologetics sites.
Tashura 10 months ago
Isn't pee sterile???
Saktilar 9 months ago
You certianly need a lesson in creative writing.Stop Googaling and read a book.Start with Ernest Hemingway"For whom the bell tolls"He was there.
Vozilkree 9 months ago
Thank you. You too! Ok, signing off now. Enjoy the remains of your day! ??
Russian Love Match Russian Love

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