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Naked virtual desktop girls
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"Including the religion of evolution!"

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Beach Blanket Boner - Scene 1

Beach Blanket Boner - Scene 1

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Mikakasa 1 year ago
Life spoken into existence, man made of clay, sea parting, bush burning without being consumed, water flowing from rock, man walking on water...
Vijin 1 year ago
I reallllllly wish the animation worked here at this new place.... Wait I have my phone!!! ....but that is data... is Mo-town's post worth it? argggggghhh I need coffee for this decision....
Gami 1 year ago
Haha... well, I don't have quite the same level of interest when it comes down to it. I tend to simply say at the end of the day that the world will go its way, and I must go mine.
Kashicage 1 year ago
Undocumented immigrants contribute more in "payroll taxes" than they will ever consume in public benefits.
Mazugal 1 year ago
"Human history is the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy."
Jusida 1 year ago
Got a citation for that?
Dizragore 1 year ago
Read the damned bible. It makes claims that can be checked. The myth gives a six day creation, it gives an incorrect order of creation. It gives us a set timeline to the birth of Jesus. All of which can be tested and have been.
Mule 1 year ago
Oh like YOU Christians professing all kinds of things that cannot be verified right?
Dairisar 1 year ago
Of course they do.
Kazigrel 1 year ago
You are heading in the right direction. Rejecting the Bible as the literal word of God allows you to think again. Universalism allows you to have a much higher concept of God and therefore humanity. We are all one.
Akilmaran 1 year ago
I've been replacing windows in my house for the last couple of years.
Malale 1 year ago
blah blah blah
Zulkijinn 1 year ago
No law respecting a religion is passed if a person is informed by his faith.
Voshicage 1 year ago
Your rationale for not answering my simple questions is cowardly.
Tygozahn 11 months ago
lol "they don't like personally"
Ferisar 11 months ago
That is one opinion
Zur 11 months ago
And don't you think that the scientists at CERN and NASA take that into account? Once again, the proof is in the pudding.
Kazralar 11 months ago
I guess so...
Fesho 11 months ago
So you made a fool of yourself for $5? LOL
Meztilrajas 10 months ago
Look at all the comments coming from atheists absolutely losing their shit. Gold! Keep em coming razor. Hahaha
Naked virtual desktop girls

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