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"Has Russia changed since the 80s?"

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Vintage male masturbation video

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Aragore 10 months ago
I can't date you because it's never a good idea to date outside one's species.
Kagajar 10 months ago
You weak minded fucking clown. Only a shitstain would even consider this ignorant shit to be worthy of discussion. It only illustrates what unamerican,intellectually stunted scum, you are.
Akijas 10 months ago
You are going to have to take your rose colored glasses off and sit down cause your hero's will be exposed slowly but surely !!! They are corrupt and they were on the job comititng their dirty deeds !!
Daigor 10 months ago
It is also written that Kilroy was here.
Mebei 9 months ago
....and so, your side's's it going so far?
Babei 9 months ago
And why does that mean that their families must be forcibly separated? Does justice need to be cruel? If so it is not justice.
Mezizuru 9 months ago
and i bet they will beg us... you know the US of A..... to bail thier idiot ass's out again..... for the 3rd time.....
Taktilar 9 months ago
Oh! Is that all? In that case just cut it off. Makes perfect sense and I'm sure it doesn't hurt a bit.
Kizragore 9 months ago
The current administration has used the Bible to say it is unchristian to go by anything but acceptance of the exact letter of the law.
Nikoshicage 9 months ago
BACON!!! meat candy!
Fekinos 8 months ago
I am a little you recommend I visit Bellview next time in Jersey?
Faegami 8 months ago
One of the reasons Christianity never "took" with me. I'm female and didn't understand why a god who supposedly represents all people would be male. I'm mildly surprised other females believe.
Faebar 8 months ago
Fact of reality= Every spot in OT where GOD or LORD all capitols the tetragrammoton is in Hebrew= YHWH(Jehovah)--nearly 6800 spots was removed by wicked men. God put his name there because he wants it there. When it was put back by the ones who loved God enough to do so was condemned by the rest of the Christian world. Even though its all fact above.
Goltiramar 8 months ago
I know exactly how evolution works. The designer God made genetically diverse individual species with many different variations in them, and selection is separating the genetic diversity making these variations visible in populations. This is why genetic diversity is decreasing over time, and we have proven this with the Bulmer Effect
Taum 8 months ago
I had this conversation with phine too. We just don't "get it". God wants us to read this and come to the conclusion that god cant defeat iron chariots. That way god can collect his flock of the least literate and most gullible of humans.
Taular 8 months ago
Bill Clinton only goes to resturants that gives him meals on the house ! Democrats like hand outs !
Nejas 8 months ago
The luck of the Irish has run out for the unborn...
Meztilrajas 7 months ago
Ella. Go get ?em.
Arashigal 7 months ago
Jesus answered, ?I am the way and the truth and the life."
Kedal 7 months ago
Youll need to go do your research. Ive got an inbox full of notifications and a ringing phone. We will pick up tomorrow. Cheers
Moogushura 7 months ago
Build That Wall and Big Infrastructure :)
Gumi 6 months ago
I stand corrected twice. :)
Digal 6 months ago
Are North Korea and Venezuela Muslim Countries?
Tazahn 6 months ago
Do you live in Sweeden? It can't be worse than the cave dweller, christian fanatics in the U.S.
Tygozuru 6 months ago
I am not talking about what people believe, I am talking about what the bible says.
Yozshuzuru 6 months ago
Jesus also said he would return within the lifetimes of those alive when he ascended.
Ker 6 months ago
In less appearances. Clearly more efficent
Mir 6 months ago
Men that turn everything into a sexual joke make my butt itch.
Akibar 6 months ago
The law was just overturned. That is my point. These "clinics" with no medically licensed staff are not required to disclose that they are not trained or licensed.
Vintage male masturbation video

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