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Daddy pimped me out

Daddy pimped me out
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"The EU, one of the world's biggest trading blocks and until recently,astaunch US Allie. How does losing their support MAGA?"

What if she told her parents. Listen.

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Daddy pimped me out
Daddy pimped me out

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Samulabar 1 year ago
real conservatives turning on the alt right
Malasho 1 year ago
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra needs to return to the private sector.
Tujas 1 year ago
I think the vast majority of governments would do well to pass a "freedom FROM religion" amendment. The current freedom of religion laws end up preventing appropriate education, equal rights legistlation and protections for those religion abuses.
Sarr 1 year ago
I used to walk around and kick the chairs lightly.
Tucage 1 year ago
What was your first pet?s name?
Shakasar 1 year ago
Right: so we need to celebrate *all* the Christian holy days... not just the most conveniently pagan. Trying to pretend Christmas is the only holy day to recognize is a plot to take Christianity out of the culture.
Vigis 1 year ago
I appreciate that you can't offer a counter argument.
Mirr 1 year ago
Rolling my eyes...
Shaktill 1 year ago
How were they displaying sexism?
Malrajas 1 year ago
JNR is sorry for ya :D
Dim 11 months ago
"Slow down Jesus, I cant swallow that fast!"
Yozshujin 11 months ago
Offspring don?t have unique genes from their parents. If the parents are still alive they can just have more kids.

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