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Student fucks teacher for grades

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"I can't remember where I read it, but I think it was an IDF commander who revealed they were working off of profiles they'd generated of Palestinian agitators and targeting based on that info. I get the sense that is the methodology the IDF was using in Gaza and it seems this report would confirm that strategy."

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Student fucks teacher for grades
Student fucks teacher for grades

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Mer 1 year ago
Is it your point that it's wrong to prevent a threat when it is small, and one should wait until it grows bigger?
Zolok 1 year ago
PM Crayola will only approve a pipeline if the LGBTQXYZ group approves.
Nikonris 1 year ago
I hope that today's sadness is tempered by fond memories.
Megar 1 year ago
I remember my college graduation ceremonies (one for the University, and one for the Department) - the
Majind 1 year ago
===The Fact that He is God.
Meztijin 1 year ago
This nutcase has been given air time on Aussie TV to illustrate just how unhinged, demented and lost the far left PC ideology has become in Australia (and everywhere in the west, for that matter). She's more or less being used as an example of mental illness and mass derangement syndrome, kind of like that Crazy Kathy chick (the progressive sherpa) that keeps getting put on your Fox News network.
Malamuro 1 year ago
Nope, not going to mock you for that at all. I'd normally agree, having just had how many years of Liberal majority and the NDP backing them all the way. However, there needs to be a clear majority government that can do what needs to be done without political interference at every turn. It's the only way we can start to come back as a province. The current situation is a house of cards. A few upticks of interest rates, a slight down-turn in the global economy, we're screwed. That extra billion a month would go a long way to helping us.
Fautilar 1 year ago
Apples and oranges. No, wait..., I mean more like watermelon and peanuts.
Dousar 1 year ago
they suck what?
Gagal 1 year ago
I had something... that worked the other way around. An ex so told the parents it was I that took the "virginity" even though it was a blatant lie. At the time I said it was me because it caught me offguard. Years later I never did find out why the blame was put on me. That is life I suppose. A series of decisions bad/good strung along by chance.
Moogugis 1 year ago
I personally don't care about taking the lead I am usually chill and laid back, but if the person I see taking the lead is doing a poor job then I'd rather lead - in my marriage for example my wife is a terrible leader yet she's very dominant in her personality and I can't seem to lead anything, she takes the reins and doesn't let go and she's too stubborn to trust or follow.
Tabar 1 year ago
China's goods are cheaper in our currency because of the exchange rates. I thing goods in the US are around 2.5 times more expensive than China because of the exchange rates.
Maugami 1 year ago
Can you please make me spaghetti before you leave?
Goltisida 1 year ago
This was your statement.
Kiganris 11 months ago
Let me explain. Democracy implies that the people decide how they live. Is it difficult to understand?
Shajind 11 months ago
Not to mention warm.
Moogumuro 11 months ago
Yes that would be convenient. There are similarities. But then there would be when you are talking about gods and the period of time that has elapsed. Apparently people have a similar god concept and an idea of how a god is supposed to work. So we do have that in common.
Kagagor 11 months ago
Yep. But now it is your turn to make the news.
Zuluzahn 11 months ago
Isn't that what reading is? Attaching perceptions to words? That's why the OP added descriptors so we could put ourselves in her shoes.
Goshura 10 months ago
You have bought into the denier mythology of "they were predicting an ice age in the 1970s. A few scientists well outside the mainstream of climate science understanding at that time did think that we might be headed for prolonged cooling, but they were in the minority. Broecker represents what climate science was predicting at the time. And of course, regardless of how much of a consensus ther emight have been on the issue at the time, the CO2 warming advocates turned out to be correct.
Gasida 10 months ago
"you are immoral" I'm glad you clarified things like this so everybody knows how virtuous and righteous you are, hope I didn't "own" you.
Nagrel 10 months ago
Alcohol (Islam, Mormonism)...yes, I partake.
Kinos 10 months ago
Why? Do you think He's touchy? Easily offended?
Taumuro 10 months ago
Peculiar... all the 'truth' found during the 50's about the shape of Earth, ended up being a lie.
Mikazahn 9 months ago
Is there a reason you can't do both? - no you could do both
Student fucks teacher for grades

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