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Resources for healing from sexual assault

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"That's not how quotation marks work."

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BANGBROS - Bang Bus Picks Up A Hippie Feminist Lilith Addams

BANGBROS - Bang Bus Picks Up A Hippie Feminist Lilith Addams

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I will bring you pain and degradation until you admit you have done evil and beg for forgiveness. Did it really happen.

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Resources for healing from sexual assault
Resources for healing from sexual assault

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Nataur 1 year ago
In OBlunderFuck's twisted mind, all those items in his thought bubble were not mistakes, they were
Vum 1 year ago
Detail your evidence please
Ararn 1 year ago
And yet, American history remains unchanged.
Zulkiktilar 1 year ago
Can you give an example?
Nishura 1 year ago
"Q1: In light of these remarkable claims, is it not reasonable/understandable that our blogger above would reject these religious notions because s/he sees them as "illogical and un-provable?" On the contrary, doesn?t our blogger ?deserve credit? for using our tool of logic in questioning their validity?"
Zulugore 1 year ago
I know how to be a theist: pretend to know stuff you don't, and talk to an imaginary friend you call god.
Moogugar 1 year ago
Separation from parents not equal abuse. That is a slap in the face to children that were actually abused .
Nezahn 1 year ago
Why do you think this is?
Vot 1 year ago
No. Drinking blood doesn't make you a vampire any more than furiously masturbating makes you a porn star.
Kigami 11 months ago
I still managed to kill my first bonsai, which was a juniper.
Malasida 11 months ago
Do you mean degrees instead of percent?
JoJobar 11 months ago
The law was passed and signed by Obama
Met 11 months ago
and that means I know God directly :)
Dougis 11 months ago
Glad you are OK!
Galkree 11 months ago
That is basically like every damn show on television ever. They have these people in these really nice apartments in places where rent is sky high.. Unrealistic af.
Samull 11 months ago isn't evidence based to you...yet gradualism is? Let's see it continuing please. Genetics can peek into the NOW and trace things happening. Let's see this gradualism
Brara 11 months ago
You comment is the least intelligent thing I?ve read here all month.
Virisar 10 months ago
They were always like this. They just used to be better at hiding it.
Salkree 10 months ago
Depo made me gain weight.
Daran 10 months ago
Yep. Easy to do. You simply mention a kingdom run by a king named Solomon and write about the dealings you have with it. Countries had relationships with eachother, you know. Solomon was even married to the daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh.
Arataur 10 months ago
My point is that Trump should not be receiving criticism because of laws we have had for nearly 2 centuries. It is disgusting to watch these officials that should be able to recite the Constitution in their sleep acting surprised and appalled, its fake. This situation would have been no different no matter who is holding the presidency, and their have been families here illegally being split up by this law for decades already.
Mezilabar 10 months ago
You are really too much, stop calling people names and think what you like. I?m not here to convert you. It is you who are looking for evidence to support your presuppositions. I said I knew something about it that?s all, and I am not pontificating. That?s what you?re doing. Even if the DNA did come back indicating a sexual predisposition were likely, that doesn?t mean it was inevitable and it should not make anyone want to abort a human life...that was all I was saying. Enjoy your superiority...perhaps it is you who is close minded and a bigot? I wish you well however.
Arashiktilar 10 months ago
No, Southernstar, you have been one of the decent ones! That phrase was one of my favorites when I first began to question my beliefs a few years ago. Still looking for the answer...?????????????
Nazil 9 months ago
when you aren't looking for something, its amazing what you don't see or pick up on.
Aralkis 9 months ago
One needs objective information on Islam to prevent impulsive reactions.
Goltizragore 9 months ago
Once they reach their teenage years, my "control" over their hairstyles was reduced to "don't do anything outlandish" and "I really enjoy you having long, beautiful hair - but I understand that you want to cut it because of gymnastics".-this is the way it should be because you are raising them to be able to make decisions
Meztikus 9 months ago
Come on now that is not fair at all, just the testosterone difference alone makes it unfair for the soy boy.
Mazudal 9 months ago
It's exactly correct. Women are not better than men as a whole, morally. Morality is not associated with race or sex, it's individual. Some many actions of women are dictated for them by society. It's impossible to compare their actions to men because we aren't on equal footing.
Dusar 9 months ago
You are well learned
Kazraran 8 months ago
I can't date you because you have toenail fungus.
Resources for healing from sexual assault

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