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Celebs With Puffy Nipples

Celebs With Puffy Nipples
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Cute But Cruel Japanese Brunette Whips Slave Hard

Cute But Cruel Japanese Brunette Whips Slave Hard

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Celebs With Puffy Nipples

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Jumuro 11 months ago
You really believe that right?
Goltizshura 11 months ago
Most Americans are only one major health issue away from being homeless.
Faegrel 11 months ago
"Move to another country" is the typical motto of dictatorships.
Zolojind 10 months ago
The psychology here is why does he need to control women to feel better about himself-not sure who could help with that
Virr 10 months ago
Same! I discovered it when I used to comment on CNN before they ditched Disqus.
Meztijinn 10 months ago
How in the f*ck do you know how someone feels about any other person, thing or idea?
Vizragore 10 months ago
but theyll never ever ride a bike off a 10 story roof again ever how is that counter productive all they need is 2 do it once and thats it
Zolom 10 months ago
Are we going to use the old Republican method to pay for that?.... "Borrow and Spend?"
Nishakar 10 months ago
Because I don't subscribe to your BS theory means I don't know my history?
Zusar 10 months ago
I will not body shame today. I will not body shame today. I will not body shame today. I will not body shame today.....
Kashura 9 months ago
I will use some Christians as an example, but yes, I agree especially when the true motivation may be masked by interpretation and doctrine is cherry-picked. The example most uppermind for me is the Christian who, commanded to love one another, insists that homosexual love is an affront to their religious beliefs. Is that Christian using a cherry-picked part of Leviticus or grossly misinterpreting Paul's writings to refuse service to homosexuals who are preparing for what should be one of the happiest days of their lives together when in fact it is judgment, dislike even, when refusing that service?
Akinolmaran 9 months ago
Who is responsible for "disarming" people?
Shaktigis 9 months ago
I did just answer that question. And from what I surmise from your words? Sounds like you too went through this kind of disgusting horrors. I offer my deepest love from my heart to you, as I do all who have gone through it.
Gardam 9 months ago
It's easy for Christians to figure out (I've had this discussion a couple times the past week). IF a Christian believes EXACTLY as I do, then, and only then, are they a "true" Christian. Otherwise, they are nominal/fake/dishonest/false/heretic/demon, take your pick.
Mezizshura 9 months ago
KD can F off he had his moment last year
Nelrajas 9 months ago
My statement is based on evidence. Frankly, if he stopped tweeting, he'd probably boost his popularity 10% and he wouldn't get tweeted at so viciously either.
Taugami 9 months ago
Your hilarious! The MSM didn't seem to want to get to the truth on FAST and Furious, the IRS scandal, the Iran deal, or the Hillary "investigation"!
Fausida 9 months ago
And again, post the citations to the peer-reviewed scientific research published in scientific refereed journals that documents the efficacy of reparative therapy.
Taushura 8 months ago
If ?it? just refers to discussing sex details, I thought there was a stereotype about women doing so. Men bragging about their conquests, real or imagined, I agree.
Kiktilar 8 months ago
Why is being married to your husband a sin in eyes of some people?
Dogul 8 months ago
It wasn't a POS bill, it was gutted by the Republican before it could get the votes, like removing the single payer option.
Vujar 8 months ago
Or yesterday--or even today.
Toshicage 8 months ago
Well, I appreciate the sentiment, but, you know if you needed a break I would have done it...
Moramar 7 months ago
lol Ya. That will go over like a lead zeppelin.
Dijinn 7 months ago
Different economics. When it costs millions to take someone to Mars and that one has to be educated, trained and high functional to get the mission to a success, you don't send those you are glad they are away. Space will not be settled by the bold, the naive and the ones that have nothing to lose.
Yozshugami 7 months ago
This is what you do - you don't actually contribute much. It's like pulling teeth. You go on diatribes but don't actually lay anything of worth out in front of you.
Kilabar 7 months ago
I don?t see where you mention the incubation period, the nuclear regulatory commission stipulates these protocols, it?s not negotiable and shouldn?t be overlooked based on the long term consequences in relation to engineering discrepancies that can compromise the structural integrity of the facility. The other major problem with nuclear energy is the nuclear waste. We?re over 75 years into the nuclear age and we still haven?t figured out what to do with the waste. The Yucca mountain facility is clearly a failure based on the numerous reports of leaks and contamination. Also, the Fukushima nuclear disaster doesn?t instill confidence within the public about the ramifications of nuclear meltdowns, Japan is still cleaning up the mess and they?re running out of places to store the radioactive water used to cool the reactor. Whether it?s earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and or typhoons, natural disasters are a reality regardless of where these facilities are placed. There are no safeguards to natural disasters, therefore nuclear energy is a dead energy technology until we can modify the process to avoid nuclear meltdowns, one way is the MSR concept but I can?t even confirm that until all the variables are calculated. So based on the time frame in reference to zero energy production during its construction process, nuclear energy wouldn?t work regardless along with our inability to get rid of the waste or even store it.
Vora 7 months ago
I call you a fundy who purposefully chooses to be ignorant about science. You demonstrate that with every post you make
Sajinn 7 months ago
Well the woman that wrote that article is an officer, anyone in the military knows officers are the laziest do-nothings in the military. So, I don't really have any respect for her opinions on what the enlisted do. Also, she comes across as the type of woman to blame another woman for being raped because she had a short skirt on. Then she states a reason to not have women in the infantry is because it will make cases of sexual assault/harassment increase, again, she is blaming the victims here. I appreciate your BF's service, but I don't agree. I only know what I've seen and experienced.
Kara 7 months ago
Is it not similar to how hospitals put the sickest people together in on building in order to bring them back to health?
Darg 6 months ago
Think you got it backwards. For over 2,000 years people have been asking for proof of the resurrection, and none has been provided.
Akitaur 6 months ago
of course you do!
Kazralmaran 6 months ago
True faith is never stupid. Maybe at times unexplainable, but
Gurg 5 months ago
Yep I hated mine and bangs

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